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Life is a beautiful experience, I like to share my joy for it.

I started living my passion for martial arts when I was twelve years old in 1999. My first master with whom I trained for the next 16 years mainly taught me Wing Chun, Eskrima and Tai Chi at SKEMA Energy and Martial Arts School. To strenghen and stretch the muscles and prepare the mind for the martial arts training we would practice Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong and Wu Shu. We also looked at how to relaxe and massage the body. After 14 years of training I started teaching Wu Shu at the same martial arts school while I got my master’s degree at the pedagogic university of Zurich in 2014. My thesis looked at the effects of martial arts on attention. The newly gained insights on the science behind the effects of martial arts and meditation opened up the doors to a deepening.

After having worked as a special education teacher in a children’s psychiatric clinic for some time I sold all my belongings and went on a nine months journey through South-East Asia to learn from other masters, deepen my practice and further develop my pedagogy with students I met on the way. This journey went on for three years.

In the Philippines, on Palawan, I could study with Pi Villaraza, the founder of Inner Dance, El Kalinado, the founder of Emotional Reprogram and Imana Lightweb, a traveling Reiki and singing bowl master. I could refine my massage and reiki skills and also facilitate healing processes at the yoga and raw food retreat center Bahay Kalipay. After those three years I founded YouIWe in October 2018 and have been teaching yoga, holding space for innerdance and giving ThaiYogaMassages in Switzerland since. I keep working as a teacher of sports, English, German, religion and culture and other topics in secondary schools in Switzerland where I've started teaching these youngsters about the autonomous nervous system and how mindfulness and breathing can alter brain-states. This has helped many of them to let go of their anxieties especially before exams. After having gained deep insights and experience I've met a few people that supported and mentored me to open up a private secundary school in Switzerland in summer 2020. Martial arts, yoga and meditation are going to be central stones to the pedagogy that aims to connect teenagers to themselves and help them find their purpose in life.

In between all of this I was invited to the USA, Singapore, Brazil and back to the Philippines to share this knowledge in the form of an energy school where people gain insight to dive deeper into who they are and break through blockages. The next one will happen this summer 21st-26th of July 2020. 

Stay tuned.

  • Master of Arts PH Zürich: The Struggle And The Fight To Raise Attention

  • ThaiYogaMassage - Sunshine House

  • Reiki Level 2

  • Tai Chi, Eskrima, Wing Chun Training at SKEMA

  • YouIWe Private Sessions 2017 and ongoing

  • Erste Energy School in der Schweiz 2018

  • Energy School Facilitator in Jackson Hole, WY, USA Dez. 2018

  • Energy School in Palawan, Philippinen, Juli-August 2019

  • Energy School Facilitator in Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil, Dezember 2019 & Januar 2020

  • Energy School in Interlaken Juli 2020

  • Energy School in Interlaken Juli 2021

  • Energy School in Wetzikon November 2021

  • Energy School in El Gouna, Ägypten April 2022

  • Energy School in Wetzikon Juli 2022

  • Energy School in Wetzikon Juli 2023

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